Capabilities of a virtual event will depend on the platform your using. 

We provide bespoke solutions and treat each event as unique!

Providing reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective streaming & virtual event solutions.

Whatever your needs, we'd be happy to help!

End-to-End Streaming


 Virtual Event



A complete conference online - it's a virtual venue! Delegates can watch presentations in the main plenary room, visit a breakout room, look through posters and look around the exhibition. There are network opportunities via chat rooms and more.


From the presenter's own office they can address an audience - their slides will be shown along with the video feed of the presenter onscreen. Audiences around the world can partake in Q & A sessions. The webinar would be streamed to a secure dedicated website and the content available on-demand.

Live Streaming

Stream a conference, a sporting event the opportunities are endless. From a single camera to full production. We can stream to social media or for a more secure option a dedicated website.

Hybrid Event - combining virtual with physical 

Our Hybrid Event solution adds a digital streaming element to a traditional conference or awards ceremony, with technology allowing remote viewers the opportunity to interact live. Our Hybrid Events provide everything you need for standard production events. In addition, can incorporate remote presentations from anywhere in the world and streaming to an unlimited online audience. We also provide all of the online Q&A and polling tools required to allow remote and physical delegates to engage, interact and network with presenters and each other.


We record training sessions on-site, edit them and create your own streaming hub. Viewers can access all training sessions with a password or even pay-per-view.

Video Conference

Linking people together remotely at different venues. Delegates can interact live within the conference. There are many possibilities...

The ways in which events are managed and shared with the wider audience are many, and the techniques used are often developing and improving. Each event’s needs are unique and will often use a combination of our Streaming & Virtual Event Solutions

Remote Presenters

One of the main challenges with virtual events is supporting remote presenters. Simplicity, quality of sound & video and connection reliability are the most basic of requirements for any remote presenter and we have a range of solutions available: -


  • Presenter rehearsals

  • Technical support to maximise their local set up

  • Simplified interface for the presenters

  • Remote slide control solution

  • Live talk back to presenters

  • Present from home packages - backdrops, mics, camera, even internet...

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